Introducing Golf VX’s Unreal Technology

Swing Plate

Enhance Your Game with Our Dynamic Swing Plate

Elevate your game with our dynamic Swing Plate, replicating real course slopes for an authentic golfing challenge. It adjusts to match your virtual surroundings, adapting to uphill and downhill lies effortlessly.

ARC Sensor

Introducing Our Cutting-Edge Sensor

Experience instantaneous insights! Our cutting-edge technology presents the ball’s flight path live and in real-time. Each swing, impact, and shot is analyzed instantly, delivering precise and immediate feedback for the most accurate performance assessment.

A.I. Analysis

Learn more about your swing

A.I. and dual cameras will analyze your swing. From weight distribution to six different phases of your swing, revolutionize your swing with our innovative feature


Golf VX elevates golf simulation by combining expert software design with advanced technology. Our team meticulously designs each course, offering a personalized, true-to-life golfing experience.

Auto Tee

Practice more, wait less!

Streamline your practice with Auto Tee! Our innovative system sets up the ball on the tee automatically, eliminating manual hassle. Enjoy a smoother pace and a more engaging simulator experience, practicing more and waiting less to elevate your game.

Short Game

The Golf VX Simulator Short Game Feature lets you customize course conditions, green speeds, and practice chip shots from various lies, including bunkers and rough mats. Enhance your skills for any golf course challenge.

Real Time Response

Live Ball Flight Analysis

No more waiting for data. Our cutting-edge tech shows the ball’s path instantly, providing precise feedback on every swing and shot in real-time.

Golf VX App

Our innovative app uses dual swing cameras to dissect your swing mechanics and offers powerful illustration tools for players and instructors. It also records and calculates essential club data parameters after each shot.