TA Simulator

The Future of Golf Practice is Here!
Starting at $19,900

Practice efficiently, anytime, anywhere, and in any weather with Golf VX FA Simulator. Our cutting-edge simulator is designed to empower golfers of all levels to improve their skills through comprehensive data analysis and user-friendly features.

FA Console

Designed for Range

FA simulators are designed for practice and lessons that will help improve your skill level. We are making golf weather-proof so you can focus on mastering golf.

Training Mode

Short Game, Driving Range, Putting Green

The Golf VX FA Simulator offers versatile training for shots ranging from 20-300 yards, including putting. It provides realistic simulation, instant feedback, and advanced analytics for progress tracking, all in a convenient, engaging format

Swing Analysis

Data that the Pros use

AI and dual cameras enhance swings, offer personalized feedback, and adapt for ongoing improvement—a dynamic tool for any level golfer

Play 9 Hole

Practice Round

Unlock a world of practice possibilities with the FA Simulator, offering access to 30 global courses, from challenging professional layouts to improve your game


Enjoy the convenience of a seamless QR login, providing instant access to your practice details on your mobile device. Elevate your gameplay efficiency with our dedicated app.