Who We Are


Our mission is to connect everyone, everywhere, every day through the love of golf.

What started as a passion for helping people to enjoy the sports of golf and to improve their skills has become Golf VX – the most advanced, intuitive and enjoyable golf simulator technology on the market.

We make Golf VX easy for everyone to enjoy golf.

Golf VX is a sports entertainment company. No matter if you are a serious golfer or just to have fun, we are here to bring the joy and excitement of playing golf. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to uplevel their golf skills using the latest technology while sharing passion and connecting with friends.

Golf VX is versatile.

We operate and accommodate all your needs. Our flagship stores offer the most advanced and intuitive technology by revolutionizing the indoor golf industry. We install Golf VX simulators in homes or workplaces for personal entertainment and company perks. We provide commercial sales and installation services of our golf simulators to those who want to open their own indoor golf venues. Lastly, we offer franchise opportunities to help entrepreneurs to create businesses and bring exciting venues to their cities.

We are making golf 365 days, weather-proof, future-forward experience!