Scottie’s Switch Leads to Success

That data behind how Scottie Scheffler’s putting changes led to his success

Scottie Scheffler cruised to a wire-to-wire victory at this year’s Arnold Palmer Invitational (API). The Bay Hill Club and Lodge has become notorious for one of the more difficult golf courses that PGA tour players will face during the calendar year. The plethora of water hazards lining each side of the fairway often force players to take many risky lines on tee shots, the strategically placed bunkers and thick rough can severely penalize shots that stray from the fairway, the greens are fast, undulating and not super receptive to longer approach shots and the wind conditions that appear in Orlando during this time of year only compound these difficult course features. The beauty in Bay Hill lies in its creator. The course reflects the spirit of its legendary owner, Arnold Palmer, known for his aggressive and bold play as the layout encourages players to take risks, but those not carefully calculated can lead to high scores.

Take all this into account and the only word to describe Scheffler’s performance this weekend would be impressive. Aside from his winning score of 15 under, Scheffler dominated the filed in nearly every statistical category:

Strokes Gained: Strokes Gained is a statistic in PGA tournaments that measures a player’s performance relative to the field by comparing each shot to a statistical baseline for similar situations and distances. Scottie Scheffler excelled at the API, gaining 16.49 strokes over the field and outperforming Wyndham Clark, the second-place finisher, by nearly 5 strokes. This achievement brings Scheffler’s season total to 89.88 strokes gained, a remarkable 30 strokes ahead of his closest competitor. This statistic quantifies the effectiveness of each shot within the context of a PGA Tour professional’s performance, highlighting Scheffler’s exceptional standing among the elite 0.000005% of golfers in the United States. Essentially, Scheffler is significantly outperforming the competition, showcasing his current dominance in the sport.

GIR (Green-In-Regulation) Percentage (%): Greens in Regulation (GIR) percentage is a stat that shows how often a golfer reaches the green in the expected number of shots, allowing them the chance to putt for a birdie. For example, on a par-3 hole, hitting the green with the tee shot counts as hitting the green in regulation. At the Arnold Palmer Invitational (API), Scottie Scheffler hit an impressive 50 out of 72 greens in regulation, which bumps his season-leading PGA Tour total to a whopping 78.07%.

With that many greens in regulation, Scheffler is always lining up putts for birdie! This stat is especially remarkable considering the difficulty of PGA Tour courses, which feature challenging layouts, faster greens, and longer distances compared to your average municipal course. On those local tracks, you might feel like a hero hitting greens, but on the PGA Tour, it’s like trying to land a tiny spaceship on a moving asteroid – another testament to Scheffler and how exquisite his approach game has been thus far.

In Summary

The culmination of these factors at the Arnold Palmer Invitational not only showcased Scottie Scheffler’s technical skills but also his strategic acumen. Knowing when to take risks and when to play it safe is a delicate balance, particularly at a course like Bay Hill, which rewards bold play but punishes mistakes harshly. Scheffler’s ability to navigate this balance, to know when to attack the pin and when to aim for the center of the green, speaks to a level of maturity and understanding of the game that many players strive for, but few achieve.

Reflecting on Scheffler’s victory, it is clear that his performance at the Arnold Palmer Invitational was a masterclass in golfing excellence. From his strategic play and statistical dominance to his mental fortitude under pressure, Scheffler’s win is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport. As the PGA Tour season progresses, it will be fascinating to watch how Scheffler builds on this victory and whether his competitors can rise to the challenge he has set. In a sport where margins are incredibly thin, Scheffler’s commanding performance at Bay Hill sets the stage for an exciting season ahead, not just for him but for golf fans around the world.

The Arnold Palmer Invitational will continue to be a highlight of the PGA Tour, challenging players with its demanding course and honoring the legacy of its namesake. As this year’s tournament has shown, mastering Bay Hill requires a blend of skill, strategy, and nerve—qualities that Scottie Scheffler displayed in abundance on his way to a remarkable victory.


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